We are all guilty of using our t-shirt or an old tissue from our pocket to clean our glasses, but there are much better ways to clean and look after them.

After all there’s nothing better than a fresh, squeaky clean pair of specs!


The best way to clean your glasses

Use a microfibre cloth with the accompany of some glasses spray, or even a lens cleansing wipe, and gently buff away any smudges or specks of dirt with these 4 simple steps:


Wash your hands 


This is an important step as it prevents any unnecessary dirt or additional smudges being transferred onto the lenses. We can now begin cleaning our glasses!

Hold glasses frames by the bridge when cleaning


Prevents fingerprint markings all over your frames and the lenses. It also allows you to clearly see both lenses ensuring that no smudge or dirt gets left behind!

Spray & polish the lenses


Make sure that if you are using a wipe, you unfold it and polish the lens in a circular motion. This ensures that you don’t smudge the dirt across the lens and instead are wiping it away.

Wipe the frames using a cloth or a wipe


The very last step! By using a cloth or wipe you ensure that any dirt or smudge is completely removed without damaging the lenses. You can now sit back and enjoy the beautiful and clear view.

Caring for you glasses

Try to keep in the habit of putting your glasses back in your case once they are taken off to avoid accidental damage or misplacing them. 

Here are our expert tips on caring for your glasses:

  • Keep glasses in their case when they are not being worn.
  • Don’t rest your glasses on top of your head incase they slip off and get damaged.
  • Remove glasses when using any kinds of spray products to prevent damage to the lenses.
  • Take them off using both hands to prevent stretching or making your glasses loose.

If you have any other questions regarding cleaning or looking after your glasses, don’t hesitate to get in touch!